Are All Products Of Buy And Sell New And Unused?

Yes, we offer only 100% new and unused products.
If you think that the products listed on our website are not standard, please email us

How do I find the right product from Buy and Sell?

You can see the 'Category' on the left of our website. You can start by clicking on this category. It will show all products in that category.
If you know what product you want, then click 'Search' at the top of the page and type the product name in the search bar.

Where can I get detailed information about a product?

To know your product information, click on the product name, it will take you to the product's detailed page. Now you will see additional details and reviews.

Are all the products in the buy and sell original?

Yes, we are committed to deliver 100% original products. We take all necessary steps to ensure that. If a seller sells a counterfeit product and it comes to our eyes, we remove it immediately. Also, before accepting the product we check for the correctness very carefully. Even if there is any doubt about the product, you can return the product within 24 hours
If the quality of any of the products listed on our website does not seem appropriate to you, please email us

Are there any hidden costs or charges in the case of a Buy and Sell orders?

There is no secret cost or charge for ordering. All costs are 100% visible at the end of the checkout process.
Please do not add courier service charges Depending on the size and cost of different products, the charge is less or more, but you can know the details by calling.

Do we have the opportunity to burgain before ordering in buy and sell?

Sorry we do not provide burgaining facility. We always try to offer products at market's best price keeping the quality of the product. However, if you feel the price of any product is higher at our site, please email us

Why do I see different prices on different websites of the same product?

Different vendors offer the same products in most cases. That's why you see the different prices of different sellers. But by doing this, it becomes easy to verify the prices of your favorite products. The E-Commerce Marketplace is a Transparent Platform. Various dealers sell different quality products, which are almost impossible to actually verify seeing only name or image. Our suggestion is that if the quality of the product is better, then the price will be a little higher. I hope this issue is quit clearer now. But it may vary to special cases.

How do I know if there is warranty with the product or not?

If warranty is offered on the product, then on the product page there will be a warranty time limit on the right of the product picture.

When will my product warranty apply?

Your product warranty will begin after delivering goods. Contact our customer care for any warranty related issues.

Where are your warranty service centers located?

Read the details of your product's manufacturer (or service center) from the warranty card included with the product or collect the warranty / service center information from customer care. If there is no warranty card, please check the user manual or product packaging for more information. Make contact or contact the seller's number in invoice, if not possible, then call our customer care so that we can assist you in solving this problem.

How can I pay the price?

Cash On Delivery (Pay after receiving the good)
Credit / debit card / Bkash
Bank Transfer / Account Deposit

Should I have an account to shop from BuyAndSell?

No, it is not necessary to have an account. But if you have an account, tracking will be very easy, safe and convenient for your shopping experience. You can create your own account or use your Facebook login or Google login.

Why is my product being a problem in the cart?

If there is a problem with taking the product in your cart, please make sure that you select the desired size and color. If you still have a problem, your desired item may be sold out. Please contact our customer support team.

I did not receive my order's invoice copy.

Please check the email you provided. Please ask the delivery man for a hard copy of your purchase.

How fast can I get my ordered product?

We try our best to deliver the goods you ordered within our stated deadline. We are delivering within 24 hours in Dhaka city and within 48 hours in other cities.

My order is getting late What can I do?

We sincerely apologize for the delay in order delivery. You can track the order status of your customer ID, please contact our customer care.

How can I cancel my order?

If your order is not still on delivery, you can cancel your order by contacting our customer care. You can contact us at any time of the day (9am - 11pm)
If your order is already on delivery or in your hands, you can return your product, in that case you have to carry delivery charges.



How to place an order on BuyAndSell?


You can create an account in our website. Then select your desired product through category browsing or direct search. Open the product link and select select your desired quantity. After that you have to click on the ‘Add to Bag’ Button on the right side of the product image. Your product will be automatically added to your virtual shopping bag. Upon your check out, you will see the total price and costs in details. Then you can confirm your order.

If you do not want to create an account, then you can directly call to our provided number, give details of your desired item (name, color, quantity, model, brand etc) then confirm your order. In this case, minimum advance payment may be required.


What is your notification process of order confirmation?


We will notify you through sms or email after confirming your order. Please stay connected on every contact mediums you have provided during registering or ordering.


What does Pre-order means?


Pre order means ordering a product which is still not available here, but will be available very soon for sure. Some high-demand products are very difficult to keep in stock for their aggressive demand, so in those cases, pre order is a smooth solution.

What should i do if I do not get a order confirmation after payment is done successfully?


If your payment is successfully done, but no order confirmation is sent, then please stay calm and do not worry a bit. This could be technical or network issues. Feel free to contact us at provided email or directly call at our customer service center any time you feel like.


How do you calculate shipping charges?


Shipping charge is calculated depending on your ordered products size, weight, delivery method and of course the distance between buyer and seller. After you add a product to your bag, total and transparent shipping charges and costs will be showed to you. For more info, feel free to contact our customer service.

In case of card payment, is my information safe enough?


Definitely. All information you provide to us is highly secured through following international customer safety rules and regulations.

How do I submit a complaint?


If you are not satisfied with your purchased item, then immediately register your complaint within the time frame to our dedicated complain department. We are here to hear whatever you need to say for 24/7.


What happens if my complaint registration takes more time than mentioned?


If you failed to register your complaint within specific time frame, then the following cases can be taken under consideration-

  1.  If your ordered product is not of your desired color, size or model, then an exchange can take place upon specific conditions and additional charges may apply.
  2.  If any sign of use is visible, then warranty service will be activated for particular products.
  3.  If any kind of external force is used and its noticeable, then your complaint will be void immediately and no warranty and no after sales service will be provided.


Do you have any gift voucher?


Yes we do. But in order to get one of our gift vouchers, you have to make purchase up to a minimum amount.


How to create a account?


In order to create an account in our site, first you need to make an order. To do that, select your desired product, click ‘Add to bag button’ then click check out.

You will see a page asking necessary information like email, name etc. After filling those, please check the ‘Create an account’ box then provide your unique password and continue with your billing address. At the end press continue button to navigate to the next page and so on…..


Why can’t I login into my account?


If you are having difficulties during login, the make sure have signed up for sure or recheck your inputs in mail and passwords. Remember, passwords are always case sensitive. If the problem continues, then please contact our customer care team.



How can I send my returnable or replaceable product to you?


You can drop your product to your nearest delivery points. You can find it in our site in 'Whole Bangladesh Deivery Points'.

8) Free Shipping Policy

 Shipping Policy

  1. Inside Dhaka Home Delivery Process
  2. Outside Dhaka Courier Services
  3. To enjoy the free shipping feature, you will have to pay the price of the first ordering product through online payment.
  4. Delivery will be made to deliver the delivery within 24 hours.