Become an Ambassador


Earn Money Now!!


We are looking for energetic and self-motivated people like you to provide with a chance of instant earnings by becoming our Ambassador. Please do not stress yourself out. becoming an ambassador is not a heavy-duty job. All you have to do is represent and work for the development of an already developed business. Your contributions to our business will be for a 3 months time limit or more depending upon your performance and if you want to continue with us. We are going to recruit a male and a female from every campus throughout Bangladesh to become our Ambassador. So, buckle up, and give us a chance to provide you with the most needed initial boost in your upcoming bright future. Just visit us and reply to some easy and interesting questions, and that's it!




  1. Generating new ideas and establishing them in real-time and help in brand development in campus, family & Friends circle and to every group of people you can motivate or influence a bit.
  2. sign-up a minimum number of target / interested people every month
  3. Promote’s various range of products (Electronics, Fashion Items, Gadgets and so on…) and directly take part in our outbound sales strategy.
  4. Report to your specified reporting body about your progress, strategies and details insights and openly share your ideas and thoughts.
  5. The most important and interesting part is, to become an Ambassador, you don't have to attend office daily or weekly!! Once a month is good enough for us.




  1. You will get minimum 5% to upto 25% of revenue from the products you sell depending on your monthly sell and product category. For Example, if oyu sell a shirt for BDT 1,000/=, then your earning will be minimum  (1,000/- X 5%) = BDT 50/- upto maximum (1,000/- X 25%) = BDT 250/- . The more you sell, the higher your earning gets.
  2. You will get special offers and purchase facilities for your personal shopping or your nominated customers.
  3. Gathering practical and valuable knowledge and experiences in the field of brand development, sales and Electronic commerce industries.
  4. Learn idea generation, enrich your resume and step up to a brighter future from here.


For the Outstanders!

  1. We will evaluate the top performer and give recognition to his/her outstanding performance with a crest and certificate and it will be announced in the mainstream media.
  2. For top performers, we will provide employment facilities after their graduation depending upon their sales and creativity.
  3. For further boosting up your career, BuyAndSell will provide you with valuable and effective recommendation according to your achievements with us for every relevant job opportunities.