Are you a Small or Medium vendor/Seller?

If you are a Promoter, Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaleror and Retailer, and want to expand your business, then you can list your products on our website.



For your business to expand We will be promoted by Timely and Expert marketing teams. Also popular social media marketing, email marketing, digital media marketing, such as billboards, TV/Radio, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, Google, and other Modern Technology-based promotions,

As well as branding your products Which will be known as a successful businessman. 


How to become a seller?


If you want to be a vendor through us, you must register your organization name as a vendor. The following information must be submitted from the seller:

  1. Your name and address.
  2. Your organization name and address.
  3. Trade license Photocopy.
  4. Your voter ID card Photocopy.
  5. Name of seller (unique)  ID .


Why sell with us?

  1. Free product uploads facilities. 
  2. Dedicated Seller Support 24/7, On-time Query Resolution and Tips for Success.
  3. We have 5 million Targeted Customers 
  4. A fully committed team to boost your sales.
  5. There are no monthly rentals or hidden charges.
  6. The customer base of 50000+ retail shops ready to buy your Products.
  7. Easy payment methods. 100% Safe and Secure Transaction
  8. 100% product security.
  9. Easy Account Management.


How to contact us as a new merchant/seller?

70 Bir Uttam,  level: 04, CR Datta Road, Dhaka 1205


Phone: 09613 221 221


What can be sold through with us?

You can use all types of essential products such as (Electronics, gadgets, cosmetics, ornaments, saris, salwar and kid's products etc) you can able to sell.